About Us

Our team of consultants are experienced bankers and former regulators who have served in executive management roles in financial institutions and/or as commissioned examiners with the OCC, FDIC, and Federal Reserve.



Amy Pierce is a banking industry expert who brings over 25 years of knowledge and a passion for improving the success of financial institutions. In 2015, she founded Bank Strategic Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing superior risk assurance services. Amy is a Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERP) and specializes in Strategic Risk Management at all levels of commercial banking. She also holds a commercial real estate designation as a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM).

She has served in all levels of banking from foundational to Executive. Amy’s experience includes roles as Chief Lending Officer and Managing Director of Risk Services. She gained hands-on M&A experience in leadership roles actively identifying acquisition targets and managing due diligence efforts. Her experience also includes post-acquisition conversions, leading implementation, and assimilation post-closing. Amy is dedicated to working with Management and Board members proactively to improve efficiencies, develop synergies and increase revenue while addressing company culture, risk, and regulatory compliance.

In addition to career accomplishments, Amy serves as advisor for a number of bank-related fintech solution companies and volunteers as a mentor for fintech start-up companies through the Little Rock FIS Venture Center.