At Bank Strategic Solutions, are always looking for good team members.  If you have banking or risk management experience and like to work collaboratively for the benefit of the clients we would like to meet you.  Successful consultants work well independently and as part of a team.  An ability to problem solve and assist financial institutions in variety of ways is essential.  Contact us at 800-281-9980 or for more information.

Financial associates with these delineations are  highly preferred:

  • CRCM
  • CERP
  • CAFP


Already an advisor and interested in collaboration? We partner with industry professionals to creative high-value collaboration and integration that provides financial institutions a competitive advantage.  We take a team approach to provide the most comprehensive services for our clients.

Collaboration can take many forms:

  • Refer other industry specialist
  • Refer a consultant for a fee
  • Collaborative problem resolution for a client
  • Create a consulting partnership

Questions about what we can do for you?

Bank Strategic Solutions has the tools and industry expertise to assist your bank. Let us help
you manage risk so you can focus on maximizing performance.

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