Strategic Risk & Planning
Credit Risk
Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses/CECL
Interest Rate Risk – Asset Liability Management
Operational Risk & IT Management
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Strategic Risk & Planning

This is the framework for every goal, direction and objective of the bank. Do you have a strategic plan or an annual budget and mission statement?

We will facilitate the strategic planning process and assist your institution from initiatives, through risk assessments and planning, to implementation. We will help you create and build the infrastructure necessary to proactively and satisfactorily manage risk and meet regulatory expectations.

Strategic risk remains elevated as banks consider new products, add services or new methods of delivery. Successful banks are flexing to adapt and find sustainable ways to generate targeted rates of return and meet the current regulatory climate. All of these require advanced planning and preparation.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Products & Services
  • Growing Loans & Deposits
  • New IT initiatives
  • Capital & Liquidity
  • Developing an Enterprise Risk Management System


Credit Risk

Credit risk is more than underwriting. It includes portfolio management, addresses growth, lender expertise, concentrations and exceptions to policy. Do your current practices and procedures match the bank’s risk appetite?

We can assist with the development, implementation and related policies for your credit risk management systems matching your risk appetite and meeting regulatory and audit expectations. We can show you ways to positively influence credit and risk management practices, how to effect change, and stay informed of changes in credit risk and risk appetite.

Competitive market pressures are driving an ease in underwriting standards, increasing the credit risk in loan portfolios. Whether its yield, term, guarantees or other concessions to win the deal, banks have loosened underwriting practices across a variety of commercial and retail credit products to grow or maintain loan volume.

  • Portfolio Management Including New Industries
  • Concentrations
  • Stress Testing
  • Loss Reserve Allocations Including New CECL Guidelines


Operational Risk & IT Management

Managing operational risk can be a daunting prospect. It can be impacted by inadequate systems and processes or external factors, enterprise risk, IT and cyber security, as well as, other key areas of the bank. Operational risk is impacted as banks adapt business models, transform technology and operating processes to respond to increasing cybersecurity threats.

Boards and management play a critical role in establishing a sound culture and implementing effective resiliency practices.  We can assist you in building a proactive operational risk management system that is properly integrated with overall sound enterprise risk management process.

  • Enterprise Risk Models & Assessments
  • Succession Planning Including Key Staff Retention
  • Cyber Security
  • Technology & Provider Assessments
  • Process Improvement



The evolving consumer compliance risks and increasing complexity of the risk environment present significant challenges for bank compliance risk management systems.  Compliance risk remains a high concern for regulators.  Banks face heightened regulatory and public attention for consumer protection activities such as fair lending, HMDA and CRA.

We can assist you with effective oversight of consumer laws and regulations, reduce the risk of financial loss, ensure quality service for customers, and preserve a sound reputation.  We will use comprehensive risk assessments to gauge the current compliance management.

Our focus can include an in-depth or targeted review of compliance areas including staff knowledge, adequacy of policies and procedures, training, oversight functions and board engagement. All of this leads to a strengthened infrastructure that meets regulatory and audit expectations.

  • Fair Lending
  • Expanded CRA & HMDA Guidelines
  • Policies and Procedures to Address Consumer Protection Regulation


Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses/CECL

Loan loss provisions are declining even as loan portfolios and concentrations are growing. Quantitative factors support lower values and qualitative factors may not reflect increasing risk in concentrations or new product lines. Is your reserve sufficient for potential losses? Are you prepared for the current expected credit loss (CECL) methodology? Institutions will need to modify data collection and adapt reserve models or develop new ones to address new FASB guidance.

Our assessments will address current methodology and provision, as well as, preparation for CECL guidelines.  Assistance can include model development, data integrity and warehousing evaluations.

  • Data Integrity & Data Warehousing Periods
  • Vintage Modeling for CECL Values
  • Methodology for Qualitative Factors
  • Documentation of New Procedures & Processes


Interest Rate Risk – Asset Liability Management

Indicators signal a continued rise in interest rates. Is your bank prepared for the potential impact to non-lending earning assets? How will rates impact your capital and liquidity management? Does the Investment policy and purchases positively or negatively impact profitability?

We can provide a comprehensive analysis of earning assets and the potential impact to net income. We use a regulatory framework to address interest rate risk assessments and model validations.

  • Evaluation of Portfolio Investments
  • Earnings at Risk & Economic Value of Equity Assessments
  • Third-Party Assessments
  • Backtesting
  • Policy & Procedure Review



Banking is a dynamic industry. Staying up to date is vital to the success of your organization. We offer all levels of training on a variety of topics and include a regulatory perspective. We will tailor it to meet your needs.

  • Board & Director Training
  • Industry Specific
  • Strategic Risk
  • Credit


Additional Services

Our services are customized and solution-based to meet your needs.  We offer additional services including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Loan Review both On-Site or Off-Site
  • Dashboard Development for Key Risk Indicators
  • Staff Assessments – Significance of Culture. Ability to attract and retain like-minded team members that understand and reflect the bank character and mission.
  • Development of Policies & Procedures to Manage Risk



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